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2020 Ford Ranger for Sale in Woodstock

The Ford Ranger mid-size pickup made a welcome return to Canadian dealerships in 2019, after being sorely missed since its previous retirement in 2011. And even while the all-new 2019 model was a hit with customers, Ford found several areas in which to improve the truck for the new model year. What can you expect from the latest Ford Ranger for sale in 2020?

Choice of Cab Sizes

The variety of cab sizes available on pickups can sometimes seem overwhelming, but for 2020 Ford have slimmed the Ranger options down to just two. The two-door SuperCab includes two jump seats in the second row, while the higher SuperCrew option provides full four-door access to the cabin and a rear bench seating up to three.

Ranger Powertrain, Performance, and Fuel Economy

All models in the 2020 Ranger lineup are built around the same powertrain configuration. Fully 270 horsepower and 310lb-ft of torque are provided by the 2.3L turbo I-4 engine, with an electronic ten-speed automatic transmission delivering the power to all-wheel drive.
While this pickup won’t be challenging the true beasts at the high end of the power spectrum, such as Ford’s own F-250, it’s a highly capable configuration for almost any kind of mid-size truck duty.
And what’s more, the performance doesn’t come at the expense of fuel economy. Official figures show the Ranger using 9.8L per 100km on the highway, and 11.8L / 100km for city driving.

Off-Road Package

If you want to make the most of the Ranger’s performance under off-road conditions, Ford’s optional FX4 package adds features including all-terrain tires, enhanced shock absorbers, locking rear differential, and more.

Payload and Towing

For more conventional truck work, the Ranger offers an attractive set of capability figures. The pickup bed can handle payloads of up to 750kg, while the possible trailer weight reaches an impressive 3,409kg.

Again, there are larger trucks offering higher capability figures, but in this segment of the market the Ranger is an excellent performer.

Interior Technology

With the Ranger, you can add as much or as little advanced tech as you want. At the lower end, the XL offers a functional approach with few frills. Moving up the trims adds extra options, including an 8″ infotainment touchscreen, a satellite navigation system, and a convenient Wi-Fi hotspot facility.

Safety Features

Even with the entry level trim, the safety features are a strong point of the Ranger, with standard highlights including:

* Forward collision detection and emergency braking.
* Pedestrian detection.
* Lane departure warnings and keeping assist.
* Automatic traction control and electronic stability control.

However, if you need more active driver assist features, options can be added including adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, and more.


Test Drive the 2020 Ford Ranger for Sale in Woodstock

See for yourself how the 2020 Ford Ranger combines power, capability and advanced features with a test drive from our Woodstock showroom. If you’re looking for a mid-size pickup that won’t let you down on the worksite or the highway, the Ranger makes an excellent choice.

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